Hourly Parking

For Parking Hourly, you should visit the lot that is located near the Terminal B. Per ½ hour, each half-hour price ranges from $2, thereof the maximum amount in each day is $29. Very convenient parking is located close to the terminals that are the easiest and best place to park and pick up travelers. Remember that the Airport shuttle service is not offered from the Hourly B lot.

Travelers must foresee the fact that Terminal B is designed for short stays. If a passenger needs to park more than a few hours, then he/she needs to pay the parking garage you $18 each day. The daily lot around $12 is recommended if you want to park near Terminal B.

Daily Parking

In both Terminal A and B parking garages are available at different price rates. For customers who wish to park for ½ hour or each half, they should pay $2 per time — the Daily maximum price rangers around $18. To get to the daily parking garage, remember the pedestrian bridge garage to Terminal A is situated on the 3rdfloor of the parking garage. Concerning the Terminal B, you should go-ahead to the 5thfloor of the parking garage.

Remember that reservations for daily parking are not available. All parking ways at Sacramento International Airport (SMF) are possible on a first-come and first-served basis.

Parking for Disabled

Parking for people with disabilities has special offers. If travelers have a valid DMV card or disabled license plate, they can park in the individual, designated spaces located in hourly, daily, and economy lots. Regular parking fees also apply on those occasions. SMF airport provides Airport Shuttle Buses. They are lift-equipped with Z-ramps; Buses are available from only the hourly lots in both Terminal A and B. For further information about parking lot access and customer assistance, you can call in the customer service: (916) 874-0681.



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