Sacramento International Airport subjects the number of tedious security measures and procedures adhered to, outlined and achieved with Airport Division, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, private security companies, and two agencies of the Department of Homeland Security. Those agencies are the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

TSA Security

Transportation Security Administration TSA aims to screen all luggage and travelers at SMF. TSA recommends all travelers to arrive at least two hours before boarding a flight to be allowed for check-in, parking, and security procedures. The standard checking process involves and requires travelers to remove all belongings and items (such as metal-made items, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, belts, liquids). Those items must be placed on the separate bin for X-ray checking. Following TSA requirements, unpredictable security measures may be taken, and for instance, passengers can be asked to remove shoes or boots for X-ray if necessary.

Legal Identification

Under Transportation Security Administration requirements, all travelers aged 18 years (Note: TSA does not require any identification for young adults and children under 18 when traveling among the States) and over are required to present a valid I.D. with photo at the checkpoint area. For domestic flights within the U.S., travelers may use their state-issued I.D. or/and license.

Security Checkpoints

TSA checkpoints open daily at 4 A.M in Sacramento International Airport. Travelers are expected to be familiar with regulations and rules regarding prohibited items. For more information on how to prepare for the security procedures visit the TSA website:

Departure Terminals

In SMF, there are two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B. There are overall 32 gates: 13 in Terminal A; 19 in terminal B. Previously terminal B had 14 gates. In Terminal A out of 13 Gates: A1-A17 currently served by American, United, and Delta. On the lower level, there is the baggage claim and check-in counters, concerning the upper level there, Terminal A houses food, drink, and retail concessions, leading to Gates: A1-5 (right-side) and to Gates: A10-17 (left-side). In Terminal B Gates: B4-B23 are currently served by Aero Mexico, Alaska, Horizon, Hawaiian, JetBlue Southwest, and Volaris. Terminal B houses the baggage claim area on level 1, the ticketing area, and check-in counters on level 2 and food, drink and retail concessions on level 3.



Arrivals at Sacramento International Airport.

Duty free

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