International arrivals are usually being processed in a separate building in the part of Terminal B. Passengers go through passport control, pick-up luggage, then to customs clearance.

Security Procedures

Travelers of all flights, domestic or international, arriving at Sacramento International Airport are required to check for TSA security upon entry to the United States. Passengers must go under a body scanner machine, place belongings (including electronic devices) in a separate bin that will be checked in X-ray scanning.

Customs and Border Protection

Travelers who arrive in the USA should go through some additional checking procedures. CBP - Border Protection service meets newly arrived travelers for screening. Security agents may ask some other questions, and passengers should answer honestly with patience. Passengers should present a valid passport, and all must remember that a United States Visa is not enough to be allowed to enter the United States. CBP agents ask the reasons for arrival, stay, the address of stay, etc. After finishing the checking process, travelers claim baggage and head in the meeting points or go to the exit.



Arrivals at Sacramento International Airport.


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